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2019 – The Museum at the Gateway Arch

The renovation and expansion of the Museum at the Gateway Arch was the centerpiece of the 91-acre Gateway Arch National Park renewal. The $108.9 million project was a major component of the $380 million public-private initiative of the National Park Service and Gateway Arch Park Foundation. The 50,000 square foot addition and 100,000 square foot renovation essentially demolished, replaced and reconfigured the 50-year-old subterranean museum into a modern, state-of-the-art interactive experience for visitors and staff. All galleries, public amenities and offices were modernized, and all infrastructure was upgraded to provide a properly conditioned environment for artifacts and displays. Concrete was a primary material used throughout the site, slabs, roof deck, entry canopy system and benches. The Arch remained open to visitors throughout the overall redevelopment project. Since opening in July 2018, the project has earned several prestigious design and construction awards.



2019 – Centene Hanley Tower Core

The Centene Hanley Tower is a new 33 story office tower, expanding the Centene Corporation Headquarters in Downtown Clayton. Foundation construction began in May 2017 and the building was completed in August 2019. The tower is the first phase of the Centene Urban Campus expansion. Special quality components of this project included mass concrete, self-consolidating concrete, lightweight concrete, specialized concrete formwork, concrete maturity monitoring, and complex concrete pumping scenarios. The concrete suppliers on this job provided very high levels of quality control with zero out of spec low cylinder breaks on the project – a tremendous achievement given the over 30,000 cubic yards of concrete poured. This project will achieve LEED Gold with large contributions from recycled materials in concrete, reinforcing, and regional materials sourced within the concrete scope of work.

2016 – Jefferson National Expansion Memorial North Park Grounds

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial North Park Grounds project consisted of over 300,000 square feet of various colored and exposed aggregate sidewalks. All aspects of this project are in accordance with ACI procedures and regulations. This project will help to encourage the use of more concrete in the future based on the quality of the finished product and the public location of the project.

2014 – Blanchette Bridge

Built in the late 1950s, the 4,083 foot long west bound I-70 Blanchette Bridge crosses the Missouri River between St. Louis and St. Charles counties. The project scope consisted of the complete removal and replacement of the entire bridge driving surface, the existing center steel trusses, all the safety barrier walls, and the structural steel in the first nine spans on the St. Charles County side. On the St. Louis County side, the scope included converting three of the spans to roadway on embankment, repairing or replacement of existing concrete substructure units and painting all structural steel. Since the original structure was built with a lightweight concrete deck, and most of the original substructure was to remain in-place, the new bridge deck and barriers required the use of lightweight concrete. The existing concrete piers and columns allowed a significant amount of concrete to continue to be used, which translates into confidence that concrete was, and will continue to be, the right material for the job.

2014 – Schnucks University Commons

Situated adjacent to Lindenwood University, this new 71,000 sq. ft. grocery store was built to replace the company’s 33-year-old store located a mile away. One of the key requirements of this project was to match the exterior finish to those found on the nearby campus. This was achieved through multiple rounds of mockups, to find the optimal dosage of integral color and the level of sandblasting required for the tilt-up panels used for the exterior walls of the new retail center. By coloring the concrete to look like brick, the finished product shows the limitless use of concrete.

2013 – Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis High-Speed Balance Facility

Tarlton served as the general contractor for a capital project addition to the existing 170,000 sq. ft. turbine-generator repair and testing facility for Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, one of the world’s largest turbine-generator repair and turbine engineering firms. Central to the project was the assembly and construction of a massive spin cell that provides MD&A with the in-house capability to perform high-speed testing and balancing of high-velocity turbines and generators. The complex construction of the spin cell, self-performed heavy concrete work, installation of an aluminum shielding system, machine bed system, and transporter rail and rail bridge all required unique and abundant use of concrete within a small site footprint and tight schedule.

2013 – BJC Administrative Office Building

To construct this five story 215,000 square foot tilt up concrete project, Concrete Strategies elected to cast and erect the four stories of the building as one lift and then add the fifth story on as a spandrel panel after the structural steel was erected. Due to the size and weight of the four story panels, they brought in a 440 ton crawler crane to erect the panels for the outside of the building. The drilled piers, foundations, exterior walls, curbs and sidewalks were all constructed with concrete for this project.

2011 – Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Expansion

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District undertook a $95 million project at their Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant to increase the district’s peak wet weather capacity and to enhance plant operations. The team held a pre-installation meeting to review contract documents and to define the roles and responsibilities of all of parties, and they completed a concrete placement checklist prior to each concrete pour. To allow for replacement of a major, existing pipe, the project team designed, constructed and installed a concrete structure to divert more than 200 million gallons per day of raw sewage around a portion of MSD’s 96-inch effluent pipe. Seven different concrete mix designs were used on the various complex, diverse structural applications on this project. This project required the placement of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of concrete in structures, streets and parking lots and more than 10,000 linear feet of concrete pipe.

2008 Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant



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